Design is everything. It is a part of everyone's daily life. You wake up and see design in furniture, electronics, clothing, and all things material. You see design when you log onto your computer and the first tap of your smart phone. Design is a part of life and through my experience and education I've been able to understand its importance and be a director of its conception.
I've been an artist all my life. I've been a designer for over 15 years. I attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and completed and intensive program achieving my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. My education focused on Typography, Color Theory, Composition and Layout, and Package Design. I've been continuing my education by taking classes on software so that I can be current with all the tools available as well as reading online to stay in touch with current trends.
I've worked for a printing company where I acquired invaluable knowledge of everything print. I've also worked for an apparelĀ  company and screen printing shop where I learned a great deal about printing on fabric. I think it is important to understand production so that as a designer you know what is capable within certain budget constraints. My career continued as a freelancer, designing wedding invites, birthday invitations, club flyers, programs, etc. My main takeaway from this was my love for working with people and being able to brainstorm ideas and execute through design what my clients envision.
Working for the corporate world from start-ups to well established companies has helped me expand my knowledge in branding and art direction. I've worked successfully independently as well as on teams while managing multiple projects. I've worked on Websites, Mobile Apps, Email Drip Campaigns, Self Promotional items, Advertisements, and much more. In my current position I lead the UI for our website which we got an award for best visual design in the Real Estate Industry.
I'm passionate about design and have confidence in conceptualizing for companies and more importantly, people. I believe in collaboration and always trying to learn from every situation. Observation is key to learning and it is important to apply positivity to all that we do. I love to empower people so that they can be the best they can be and will continue to challenge others as well as myself to follow the path to the end goal. Specifically with design projects. I will be with you at the start and lead us to the finish.

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